WaveLabAudio is happy to announce the opening of our high end audio business

WaveLabAudio has spent the last 10 years in researchs around high end audio. 

The most important lessons collected in those years is to listen to the products beyond naked figures.

What do the best technical figures of an amplifier help, if the sound produced does not convince your ears and senses?

In the 10 years all our componets had to go through our listening tests.

WaveLabAudio now feels that all efforts put into it has now matured in a way that our high end audio solutions can be put on the market to a wider public of high end enthusiasts.

In those years of research and tests a high amount knowledge has been bulit up and experience around high end audio to be able to propose consulting and solutions to high end audio enthusiasts which might still not be fully satisfied with their high end audio components. WaveLabAudio will be happy to help you.

Our product line includes following components (more details see tabs):

  • custom loudspeaker cabinet  A7 VOTT (Voice of the theater) with various chassis variants (ALTEC/Vitavox)
  • custom prepared pre- and power-amplifier kits
  • custom made crossovers (Jantzen/Duelund)
  • custom made cables (99.99% pure ag silver Duelund or 20% pure ag silver Silvercore)
  • partner products from our suppliers Silvercore/Soundsmith  (amplifiers, mc-phono-stepup-transformers, cables, ...) are also available

For any questions please contact WaveLabAudio.

Email: info-wavelabaudio@gmx.net

Telefone: +41 76 790 90 90