Silvercore “Wahnfried Edition” Linestage

This is the actual top model pre-amplifier of Silvercore called "Wahnfried Edition".

The name "Wahnfried" comes easily back to Richard Wagner. That's not so the wrong, because as a modern music lover, following Wagner's energy and landed with Klaus Schulze's to ode Richard Wagner from his album "Timestep" - Wagner 1883. This music-historically very influential piece inspired Silvercore to a completely uncompromising preamp , which unites peace and dynamism, "Wahnfried Edition". If you accept only the best, then the "Wahnfried" is a very good choice.

Concept And Circuit

The "Wahnfried Edition" is a tube high-level pre-amp with 6 XLR balanced inputs and a tape loop.
Two selected and matched double triodes per channel take over the amplification. An output transformer with two separate balanced outputs for amplifier and subwoofer increases the flexibility. If no subwoofer is driven, then the output can b used as a headphone output. The use of highest quality components is crowned bySilvercore transformers in pure silver wire on nanocrystalline FINEMET cores.

A special highlight is the volume control of the "Wahnfried". It consists of a combination of input transformer and switched resistor network and is manually switched in 48 stages - optionally also in 96 stages via relay control with remote control. The amplifier is thus elegantly galvanic decoupled from the source devices and can work load-stable.

The sound of the "Wahnfried" exceeds everything Silvercore could have ever imaniged.

Custom Made

The "Wahnfried" is individually built in a limited small series. For example, the frames are milled of solid material in white or black Delrin - here Silvercore can offer a version in Makassawood. The lid and bezel is engraved in stainless steel by hand. The tube assembly is done individually and exclusively with the best available NOS tubes. Of course, all boards are equipped with meticulously matched components, measured and tuned to channel equality.


  • tubes used E280F/D3A and 5678W/6922 (can be choosen by the customer)
  • external power supply
  • 6 XLR inputs with levels up to 20dB
  • 2 pairs of symmetrical XLR outputs
  • separate tape and recoring XLR output
  • output impedance nominal 150 Ohm, adjusted to 600 Ohm
  • aplification 20dB depending on the tubes used
  • noise ratio 90dB
  • remote control included
  • power consumption 230V/0.4 A about 60W
  • dimensions pre-amplifier (w x d x h) 460 x 370 x 120 mm
  • dimentions external power supply (w x d x h) 140 x 250 x 120 mm
  • weight about 15 kg depending on version of customization









Silvercore Reference (not produced any more)


  • tube ECC99
  • internal pure silver transformers
  • external power supply
  • 2 XLR inputs
  • 1 cinch inputs
  • 2 pairs of symmetrical XLR outputs
  • output impedance 600 Ohm
  • dimensions pre-amplifier (w x d x h) 450 x 330 x 250 mm
  • weight pre-amplifier about 20 kg
  • dimentions external power supply (w x d x h) 260 x 310 x 260 mm
  • weight external power supply about 15 kg