Silvercore 833c MKI

The 833C is my classic, which has already found many highly satisfied customers. This has two main reasons: its beautiful appearance and the outstanding sound. The 833C is a large transmitter tube for transmitting power up to 1800 watts. The fact that the tube not only cuts a fine figure in an amplifier for hi-fi purposes, but also sounds excellent proves this amplifier.

Concept and circuit

The 833c has already built some very powerful and extremely expensive amplifiers. My 833C MKI is a viable dream, an affordable object of desire. The  amplifier is designed as simple as possible to achieve this goal without compromise. With about 20 watts, it delivers more than double the power of an 300B and can thus control even less effective speakers sovereign. In the driver stage, I put on matched "long plate" EL34, which give the sound of accuracy and brilliance. The amplifier has a fully balanced XLR studio input (optionally RCA) with a transformer, which is wound from silver wire.

custom made

You can also customize these power amplifiers when ordering in a specific frame. Especially with the tube selection, Silvercore recommends some NOS tubes available in their stock.


  • tube 833C or with surcharge NOS
  • driver tubes EL34 / 6CA7 or with surcharge NOS
  • power amplifiers in mono construction
  • input resistance 600 ohms
  • input level 2Vpp to full scale
  • power 20W / 8 ohms in class-A2
  • power consumption 230V / 1A corresponds to about 220W per channel
  • dimensions (w x d x h) 340 x 550 x 360mm
  • weight 30kg per mono block