Silvercore MC-Transformers

WaveLabAudio is selling MC-Phono-StepUp-Transformers from Silvercore.

There are several types and qualtities delivered by Silvercore. They difference in material, the ration (1:5, 1:10, 1:20 oder SPU) and impedance needed by the phono cartridge used. Silvercore is able to customize the MC-Phono-StepUp-Transformer to the customers need.

In the picture below there is the "One to Twenty" (ratio 1:20) and the "Silvercore MC Pro" (ratio 1:20).

Both are the demoroom for have a listen.



Silvercore MC Pro

The “mc pro” sets a new standard for the transmission capabilities of mc-transformers. With its uncompromising design, our decades-long experience and the use of the very best materials we have created a candidate for the worlds best mc-transformer.

In theory an ideal transformer has zero winding resistance and a core material with very little magnetic loss. Our “mc pro” comes very, very close to this ideal with its lavishly over dimensioned nano-cristalline toroidal and a primary winding of custom made litz wire with an unbelievably low DC resistance of 0,1 ohms. This minimal DC resistance does not only dampen the musical signal much lesser, it can also increase gain and will thus play more dynamic due to these low losses. The signal will only travel through the transformer and will not be additionally damped. These transformers have an extremely high resonance frequency. This and their extremely linear frequency response allow us to completely omit internal adjustment resistors. The transformers are housed in mu-metal cans to completely isolate them from external interferences.

The “mc pro” is offered in two varieties with different turns-ratio and impedance, to be able to match it to every cartridge on the market.


These are all the varieties:

▪ 100 ohms  / 1:10 is a rather universal mc transformer suitable for cartridges with an internal impedance up to 40 ohms and an output voltage between 250 and 750µV
▪ 25 ohms / 1:20 for cartridges with a lower internal impedance up to 12 ohms that require more gain, thus have an output voltage between 150 and 400µV
▪ EMT special – optimized for the classic EMT cartridges with a turns ratio of 1:20
▪ SPU special – specially wound with a turns ratio of 1:20 for the classical Ortofon SPU cartridges

Of course we will wind a custom transformer for your personal favorite cartridge.


Different cabinet varieties are offered:

▪ Either black or white Delrin with high gloss polished stainless steel front- and back panels, engraved by hand, for a merely resonance free enclosure
▪ Black Acrylic which looks really classy but is rather sensitive to scratches etc.
Individual wooden frames are available on special request. The wooden frames made of makassah wood with an 8-fold glossy polished surface are in a class of their own and underline the high quality appearance of this exceptional transformer


Since each device is individually built, special requests such. 5-pin XLR sockets in the input are possible.
Upgrade Service
If you wish to trade your smaller silvercore mc-transformer for a bigger one, I will gladly refund it.








"One To Ten" and  "One To Twenty"

The entry level transmitters "one to ten" and "one to twenty" meet all requirements for a good transformer. Easy to use and big in sound, they do not have to hide from much more expensive competitors.
"One to ten" is, as the name implies, a transformer with a transmission ratio of 1:10 designed for pickups up to 40 ohms and a signal voltage of 250 to 750μV.
"One to twenty" has a transmission ratio of 1:20 for low-impedance pickups up to 12 ohms, which require a higher voltage ratio, ie signal voltages of 150 to 400μV.
The used transformers are high quality studio types. The high resonance frequency and the frequency-linear mapping make it possible to completely eliminate internal matching resistances, so that the music signal only passes through the transformer. This has the advantage that the music signal is not additionally attenuated and therefore louder than in conventional transformers same translation is applied to the preamplifier.
The wiring of the transformer is asymmetric on a central ground socket. A symmetrical operating mode is not possible.


The case is made of 1.5mm high polished stainless steel. Since stainless steel is one of the non-magnetic metals, no unwanted eddy currents are generated by the housing.


The RCA sockets use high-quality gold-plated types with Teflon insulation. The ground socket receives 6mm banana plugs.